Nicole Vlachos

Because the Night

2013/10/06 (First Published)

Main Details
Author Nicole Vlachos
Publisher Black Bed Sheet Books
Cover Art by Nicholas Grabowsky
Editor Nicholas Grabowsky
First Published 2013/10/06
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 0615906230
ISBN 13 978-0615906232
Format Paperback
Publication Location Antelope, California, USA
Page Count / Font 448 pages
Language English
Original Language English
Notes Tristan went looking for trouble and ended up with more than she bargained for. A night on the town goes awry when a local Dallas girl runs afoul of a vacationing coven of vampires, who have come up with a novel way to ensure a blood link to join them all together. When going home is no longer an option, Tristan finds herself trapped in a world of non-stop sex and violence, and struggles to find her place and balance her own morality against the nature of the beast she has become.


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