Eugie Foster, Kurt Newton, Cullen Bunn

Embark to Madness

(First Published)

Main Details
Editor Richard Lee
Editor C. Dennis Moore
Introduction by Nicholas Grabowsky
Publisher Coscom Entertainment
Cover/Jacket Design by Sean Simmans
Cover Art by Sean Simmans
Interior Art George Van Dyk
Interior Art Sean Simmans
Author Eugie Foster
Author Kurt Newton
Author Cullen Bunn
Author Holly Catanzarita
Author C. Dennis Moore
Author Brian Jaime
Author Richard Lee
Author Esther Schrader
Author W. Bill Czolgosz
Author Kerry Drummond
Author M. K. Bowes
Author Bruce Floyd
Author Richard D. Moorse
Author Nancy Jackson
Author Richard Logsdon
Author Rickey George
Author T. M. Gray
Author Louise Bohmer
Author Paul Danda
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 1897217102
ISBN 13 978-1897217108
Format Trade Paperback
Publication Location Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Page Count 292 pages
Language English
Notes Nineteen authors will take you into the realm of madness: visit George Raymond's house, the Whisper Tide Inn, or a haunted hotel. Beware of the Dust Creatures, demons disguised as priests, or an eerie soul selling special watches. Feel the need for human hearts besides your own? Cheating on your wife, perhaps? Find a dead baby in the trash? A serial killer who thinks he's Dracula? Imagine a girl who doesn't exist, and you have to look for her. Can't get over the death of your dog? Too bad. Have to get a hold of someone who has the answer to all your problems but just can't reach him? Terribly twisted tales, and these are just a taste of what's in store. This is the real of Madness. Welcome.


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