Erik Shuttleworth

Evil Houses

(First Published)

Main Details
Author Erik Shuttleworth
Publisher Black Bed Sheet Books
Cover Art by Nicholas Grabowsky
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 0692218513
ISBN 13 978-0692218518
Format Paperback
Publication Location Antelope, California, USA
Page Count 142 pages
Language English
Original Language English
Notes The secrets behind these EVIL HOUSES make paranormal child's play. EVIL HOUSES is an original collection of haunted house thrillers that's a must-read for fans of ghost stories and tales of gripping terror.
In The House From Hell, Mike, Trista, Greg and Tiffany conduct a paranormal investigation in a house where, twenty-eight years earlier, the father drowned his wife and son and bludgeoned his daughter to death before hanging himself. The investigation leads into the bowels of a preserved, abandoned realm where every clue exposes violent evil and each revelation deepens the terrifying, apocalyptic reality the team has exposed themselves to.

In The Straw House, Steven and Brenda are living a normal life in the 1980's. Steven acquires building contracts and Brenda tends the home preparing for their life together. However, neither knows the ancient evil that stalks Steven's soul until Steven's memory is reawakened to his old sins and their consequences on Halloween night. In the darkness Brenda is seduced by witchcraft and Steven comes face to face with an inferno of evil more sinister than any closeted childhood fear.

In Grave Incidents, David, a psychologist and dream analysis specialist, attempts to assist Rebecca (a woman suffering from horrific nightmares and a peculiar phobia) in resolving her inner turmoil. As the sessions reach deeper into Rebecca's soul, David soon discovers his own haunted past. This triggers a dangerous downward spiral for them both. Soon their highly charged emotions and own histories are revealed through supernatural visions, bloody secrets and a dark truth that can only be unraveled through a violent confrontation in a secluded house in deep wilderness.

"A bone-chilling read!" says Joe Flynn, horror host of San Jose's popular "The Joe Flynn Show."


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