Walter Koenig

Buck Alice And the Actor-robot

2006/01/30 (First Printing)

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Main Details
Author Walter Koenig
Introduction by George Clayton Johnson
Editor Nicholas Grabowsky
Publisher Coscom Entertainment
Cover Artist Sean Simmans
First Printing 2006/01/30
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 1897217331
ISBN 13 978-1897217337
Format Trade Paperback
Publication Location Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Page Count / Font 244 pages
Language English
Original Language English
Notes The Milliginians. From a distant world they came, a race not unlike our own but technologically superior enough to impose their genocidal interests upon our Mother Earth with a force so catastrophic it reduces the global human population to a small handful of survivors while the surface of the planet is blanketed by a white powder. .a science fiction writer with presidential aspirations, a schizophrenic, an actor convinced he's the robot he'd portrayed on a television series in pre-invasion times, a self-proclaimed Son of God, a girl chosen to bear the children of a new civilization in the last known settlement of humanity. From the mind of Walter Koenig comes Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot, where insanity and survival strive to come to terms with a human condition stripped down to primal instinct, betrayal and social disarray, for a read matched only by the best the world of science fiction has to offer! (From back cover text by Nicholas Grabowsky)


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