Kenneth Anger

Hollywood Babylon

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Kenneth Anger
Copyright Holder Kenneth Anger
Publisher Straight Arrow Books
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Simon And Schuster, Inc.*
Director of Design Tony Lane
Designed by Kenneth Anger
Reprinted with/by arrangement with Stonehill Publishing Company
This Edition Published
Format Club Edition
Publication Location San Francisco, CA, USA
Page Count 292 pages
Language English
Original Language English
Chapters The Purple Dawn

The Clutching Hand

Fat Man Out

Panic at Paramount

Hays Fever

Good Time Wally

Champagne Baths

Heroin Heroines

The New Gods

Charlie's Nymphs

Lo: Lita

William Randolph's Hears

Rudy's Rep

The Dirty Hun

Hollywood Headlines

Clara's Beaux

Saturn over Sunset

Drastic Doubts


Babylon Babblers

Monster Mae

Diary in Blue

Death Garage

In Like Flynn

Who's Daddy? Sugar Daddy

Daughter of Fury: Frances, Saint


Mr. Bugs Comes to Town

Red Tide

Peep Show Peccadillos

Con Game

Blood and Soap

Notes Hardcover book club edition from 1976.

"HOLLYWOOD BABYLON is much more than a Who's Who of the movie capital. Its basic thrust is Who did What to Whom - and When and Where - and how much the piper had to be paid."
Copied from flap text.


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