Ian Cranna

Smash Hits (April 16-29 1981)

1981-04-16 (Cover Date)

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Main Details
Editor Ian Cranna
Features Editor David Hepworth
Deputy Managing Editor Steve Bush
Production Director/Manager Kasper de Graaf
Editorial Assistant Bev Hillier
Editorial Assistant Linda Duff
Publishing Manager Nick Logan
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Rod Sopp
Advertising Adie Hegarty
Contributing Writer Pete Silverton
Contributing Writer Robin Katz
Contributing Writer Mark Ellen
Contributing Writer Red Starr
Contributing Writer Bev*
Contributing Writer Fred Dellar
Contributing Writer David Hepworth
Contributing Writer Steve Taylor
Contributing Writer Geoffrey Deane
Contributing Photographer Virginia Turbett
Contributing Photographer Adrian Boot
Contributing Photographer Janette Beckman
Contributing Photographer Jill Furmanovsky
Contributing Photographer Tom Sheehan
Contributing Photographer Stuart Franklin
Contributing Photographer Fraser Gray
Contributing Photographer Pennie Smith
Contributor Mark Casto
Contributor Deanne Pearson
Contributor Ronnie Gurr
Publisher Peter Strong
Circulation Director/Manager EMAP*
Printed by East Midland Litho Printers
Publisher EMAP National Publications Ltd.
Periodical Title Smash Hits
About/Subject Hazel O'Connor
About/Subject Public Image Limited
About/Subject Duran Duran
About/Subject The Polecats
About/Subject The Beat
About/Subject Ultravox
About/Subject Simple Minds
About/Subject The Clash
About/Subject The Jam
Interview with/Interviewee Paul Weller
Cover Date 1981-04-16
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 3
Issue Number 8
Price 35p
Price USA $1.75
Format Magazine
Publication Location London
Genre Music
Page Count / Font 48 pages
Language English


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