Joke Lanz, Lasse Marhaug

Sudden Infant - Noise In My Head

2011-11-00 (First Published)

Main Details
Publisher Marhaug Forlag
Editor Joke Lanz
Editor Lasse Marhaug
Art Director/Editor Lasse Marhaug
Cover photo Agnieszka Zwara
Graphics by Joke Lanz
Photography Rudolf
Photography Joke Lanz
Photography Ute Waldhausen
Photography Martin Holtkamp
Photography Monika Reize
Photography Agnieszka Zwara
Photography Lotte Arnold
Photography Roger Rotor
Photography Sara Lehn
Photography Philip Hennig
Photography André Gali
Photography Daniel Menche
Photography Nathan Beck
Text by Drew Daniel
Text by Steve Underwood
Text by Mark Wharton
Text by Daniel Menche
Text by Leif Elggren
Text by Rudolf
Interview with/Interviewee Joke Lanz
Interview by/Interviewer Chris Sienko
About/Subject Sudden Infant
About/Subject Joke Lanz
First Published 2011-11-00
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-82-998765-0-6
Format Hardback
Publication Location Norway
Page Count / Font 164 pages
Language English
Notes Printed in China. Edition of 300 copies.


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