Dom Frasca

King of Crime

(First Published In Hardcover)

Main Details
About/Subject Vito Genovese
About/Subject Mafia: American
Publisher Crown Publishers, Inc.
About/Subject Genovese Crime Family LCN
Author Dom Frasca
First Published In Hardcover
This Impression
Identifying Codes
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 59-14027
Format Hardback
Publication Location United States of America
Page Count 217 pages
Language English
Chapters Foreword: Page 11
Introduction: Page 13
A Note About the Mafia: Page 17
Chapter One: Vito and Politics. Page 21
Chapter Two: The D.A. and the Mob. Page 29
Chapter Three: Paying the Freight. Page 39
Chapter Four: My Goomba. Page 53
Chapter Five: How Quickly We Forget. Page 61
Chapter Six: A Day to Remember. Page 71
Chapter Seven: The Land of Opportunity. Page 79
Chapter Eight: Vito the Pimp. Page 87
Chapter Nine: A Bridegroom Not Once, But Twice. Page 95
Chapter Ten: Uncle Sap. Page 101
Chapter Eleven: How to Get Away With Murder. Page 123
Chapter Twelve: The New Look. Page 145
Chapter Thirteen: Bye-Bye, Anna. Page 153
Chapter Fourteen: Requiem for Big Al. Page 161
Chapter Fifteen: The Grand Council. Page 171
Chapter Sixteen: The Senator and the Racket-Buster. Page 191
Chapter Seventeen: A Day With Vito. Page 199
Chapter Eighteen: Down But Not Out. Page 209
Notes This is the story of Vito Genovese, as told by reporter Dom Frasca.


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