Tony Fletcher

Jamming! No.15

1983 (Copyright)

Main Details
Editor Tony Fletcher
Publisher Tony Fletcher
Assistant Editor Alan McLaughlin
Designed by Russell Tate
Contributor K. B. Corona
Contributor Gary Crowley
Contributor Dave Jennings
Contributor Alan Marke
Contributor Mike Peters
Contributor Pedro Romhanyi
Contributor Mark Stowe
Contributor John Wilde*
Photography Anthony Blampied
Photography Bleddyn Butcher
Photography Paul Cox (2)
Photography Paul Evans (2)
Photography Jason Pevovar
Cover photo Bleddyn Butcher
Producer Jamming! Publications Ltd.
Printed by Finland Printers Ltd
Typeset by Gilfillan
Reproduction Wandlegraphics
Copyright Holder Jamming! Publications Ltd.
Periodical Title Jamming!
About/Subject Elvis Costello
About/Subject Bruce Foxton
About/Subject Echo & The Bunnymen
About/Subject Carmel
About/Subject The Truth
About/Subject Zerra I*
About/Subject The Alarm
Copyright 1983
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 15
Price 50p
Price $1.50
Format Magazine
Publication Location London
Page Count 32 pages
Language English


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