Scott Slovic

ISLE Summer 2015

2015 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and the Environment
Publisher Oxford University Press
Printed by Edwards Brothers
Typeset by Techset Composition India Private Limited
Editor Scott Slovic
Managing Editor Frank Merksamer
Assistant Editor Erin James
Assistant Editor Jennifer Ladino
Assistant Editor Anna Banks
Reviews Editor Tom J. Hillard
Introduction by Scott Slovic
Essay by Joshua DiCaglio
Essay by Lawrence J. Oliver
Essay by Michael J. Beilfuss
Essay by Laura Wright
Essay by Michelle Yates
Essay by Brianna Burke
Essay by Ian J. Drake
Essay by Kelly Adams
Essay by Ben S. Bunting
Essay by Daniel A Finch-Race*
Essay by Don Scheese
Essay by Lissy Goralink
Poetry by Jeffrey Thomson
This Edition Published 2015
Identifying Codes
ISSN 1076-0962
Volume Number 22
Issue Number 3
Format Journal
Language English


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