Brendan Mullen

Live At The Masque: Nightmare In Punk Alley

2007 (First Printing)

Main Details
Editor Brendan Mullen
Compiled by Brendan Mullen
Co-Author Roger Gastman
Introduction by Brendan Mullen
Foreword by Kristine McKenna
Cover photo Jules Bates
Cover photo Michael Yampolsky
Photography Jill Ash
Photography Jules Bates
Photography Michelle Bell
Photography Gabi Berlin
Photography Eric Blum
Photography Jim Carberry
Photography Kerry Colonna
Photography Chris D.
Photography Al Flipside
Photography Frank Gargani
Photography David Guilburt
Photography Bonnie Gordon
Photography Diane Grove
Photography Bibbe Hansen
Photography Jenny Lens
Photography Scott Lindgren
Photography Ladd McPartland
Photography Tony Montesion
Photography Melanie Nissen
Photography Donna Santisi
Photography Jules Shobert
Photography Robert Steinberg
Photography Ann Summa
Photography Carol Torres
Photography Jimmy Towns
Photography Jill Von Hoffman
Photography Philomena Winstanley
Photography Dawn Wirth
Photography Herb Wrede
Photography Michael Yampolsky
Photography Alain Saint-Alix
Designed by David Allen (3)
Designed by Judith Bell
Designed by Bob Biggs
Designed by David Brown (2)
Designed by Exene Cervenka
Designed by Margaret Guzman
Designed by Larry "Dammit" Hammett
Designed by Havoc
Designed by Lux Interior
Designed by Tony Kinman
Designed by Paul Lesperance
Designed by Brendan Mullen
Designed by Paul Picasso
Designed by Tom Recchion
Designed by Cliff Roman
Art Director/Editor Anthony Smyrski
Production Leon Catfish
Associate Editor Leon Catfish
Publisher R77
Publisher Gingko Press Inc.
About/Subject Punk Rock
First Printing 2007
Format Hardback
Publication Location Corte Madera / Los Angeles
Page Count 326 pages
Language English


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