Punk's Not Dead


Main Details
Writer Garry Bushell
Designed by Alan Lewis
Printed by WW Web Offset
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Spotlight Magazine Distribution Ltd.
Publisher Spotlight Publications Ltd
Cover photo Martin Dean
Photography Kevin Cummins
Photography Paul Slattery
Photography Andy Phillips (2)
Photography Paul Cox (2)
Photography Tim Page
Photography Chris Mills (2)
Photography Virginia Turbett
Photography George Bodnar
Photography Harry Papadopoulos
Photography Adrian Boot
Photography Simon Fowler
Photography Mick Young
Photography Robert Ellis
Photography Sue Graham
Photography London Features International
Photography Gus Stewart
Photography Steven Richards
About/Subject Punk Rock
About/Subject Oi!
About/Subject The Exploited
About/Subject Crass
About/Subject Anti-Pasti
About/Subject Chron Gen
About/Subject Killing Joke
About/Subject Angelic Upstarts
About/Subject The Damned
About/Subject Hardcore Punk
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 1
Price 50p
Format Magazine
Publication Location London
Page Count 45 pages
Language English


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