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Deborah Longsworth, Andrzej Gasiorek, Michael Valdez Moses

Modernist Cultures Autumn 2016

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Main Details
Periodical Title Modernist Cultures
Editor Deborah Longsworth
Editor Andrzej Gasiorek
Editor Michael Valdez Moses
Publisher Edinburgh University Press
Assistant Editor Daniel Moore
Editorial Assistant Claire Stainthorp
Guest Editor Rod Rosenquist
Guest Editor Alice Wood (2)
Introduction by Rod Rosenquist
Introduction by Alice Wood (2)
Essay by Sophie Oliver
Essay by Rod Rosenquist
Essay by Faye Hammill
Essay by Alice Wood (2)
Essay by Hana Leaper
Essay by Daniel Moore
Essay by Andrew Thacker
Printed November 2016
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 11
Issue Number 3
ISSN 2041-1022
Format Journal
Publication Location Edinburgh, UK
Genre Literary Criticism
Page Count / Font
Language English
Notes Special issue on Modernism in Public
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