Kris Needs

Zigzag (No.109 Jan 1981)

1981-01-00 (Cover Date)

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Main Details
Editor Kris Needs
Assistant Editor Mick Mercer
Features Editor Pete Erskine
Art Director/Editor Felix Leiter
Publishing Manager Julius Just
Manager Richard Hawker
Advertising Patrick Campbell
Communications Director Louisa Hennessey
Staff Kurt Kalle
Photography Simon Reeves
Photography John Kersey
Photography Jannette Beckman*
Photography Graham Cooper
Photography Deborah Schow
Contributor Pete Frame
Contributor John Tobler
Contributor Alan Anger
Contributor Vaughan Toulouse*
Contributor Jane Garcia
Contributor Joan Komlosy
Contributor Steve Keaton
Contributor Norman Smith
Contributor Robert Giddens*
Contributor Stacy Bridges*
Contributor Worried Preston
Contributor Hugh Jarse
Contributor Pete Scott
Contributor Nikki Sudden
Contributor David Lye
Contributor Paul Tickell
Contributor Ray Bonici
Contributor Suspect O'Typewriter
Contributor Mary English
Contributor Akiko Hada
Contributor Gill Smith
Contributor Robin Bonks*
Contributor Andrew Hobbs
Contributor Matthew Lynn
Cover Art by Ian Wright
Typeset by Beryl Leitch
Typeset by Luton Typesetters
Printed by Goodhead Press Ltd.
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Surridge Dawson
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Hatchette Gotch Ltd.*
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Zigzag East
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Gordon & Gotch Ltd.*
Director R. Hawker*
Publisher Mentorbridge Ltd
About/Subject The Monochrome Set
About/Subject The Motels
About/Subject The Damned
About/Subject Basement 5
About/Subject Flicknife Records
About/Subject Chelsea
About/Subject Wow Federation
About/Subject The Lurkers
About/Subject Ultravox
About/Subject Morgan Fisher
About/Subject Martin Atkins
About/Subject Au Pairs
About/Subject The Photos
About/Subject Stray Cats
About/Subject Thompson Twins
About/Subject In Camera
Periodical Title Zigzag
Cover Date 1981-01-00
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 109
Price 50p
Price $2.00
Format Magazine
Publication Location London
Genre Music
Page Count / Font 48 pages
Language English
Chapters Letters. . . Zigsack. . .explodes
Monochrome Set. ..d-d-d-dirgetalking with Akiko.
Motels. . .by Joan Komlosky.
Damned. . .Senso tired and emotional once more. Mick Mercer observes.
Basement 5. . . Is this 81 — Robin Bonks.
Chelsea. . .Alan Anger offers a shoulder to cry on.
Wow Federation. . .Lift the nightie of Andrew Hobbs..
Flicknife Records. . .essential independence, by Michell Mercier.
Cassettes/Fanzines/Big Hair. . .new year fillers.
Lurkers. . .Definitely an epitaph, by Alan Anger.
Ultravox. . .Yawns galore courtesy of Mick M.
Morgan Fisher. . .The unacceptable face of rock by John Tobler.
Martin Atkins. . .Nonchallent Nuneaton Boy reveals all!, by M.M.
Reviews. . .tons of sodding things..
Au Pairs. . .Paul Tickells.
Photos. . .Special nude spread, by Mick Mercer.
Stray Cats. . .neutered by Jane Garcia.
News. . .and Vultures! (doing "the Bankrobber").
In Camera.
Thompson Twins Esoteric stuff from Matthew Lynn.


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