Ирина Шурыгина

Тайные Искусства

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Publisher Терра
Series Зачарованный Мир
Translated by О. Кубатько
Editor Ирина Шурыгина
Art Director/Editor И. Лопатина
Technical Editor Г. Шитоева
Corrector Н. Кузнецова
Corrector И. Сахарук
Layout Design И. Понятых
Cover Art by John Howe
Illustrator Giles Waring
Illustrator Malcolm Chandler
Illustrator Tony Smith (2)
Illustrator Max Schindler
Illustrator Nick Harris
Illustrator John Watkiss
Illustrator David O'Connor
Illustrator Susan Gallagher
Illustrator Gillian Tyler
Illustrator Mary Evans Picture Library
Illustrator Roy Coombes
Illustrator Cathy Shuttleworth
Illustrator William Blake
Illustrator Dante Gabriel Rossetti
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 5-300-00674-2
Other ББК 84(0)
Other Т14
Price 74 000 руб.
Price 33 000 руб.
Format Hardback
Publication Location Russia, Moscow
Page Count 144 pages
Language Russian
Original Language English
Original Title The Secret Arts
Notes Подписано в печать 09.08.96 Уч.-изд. л. 22.93.


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