Victoria E. McMillan

Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences

1998 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Victoria E. McMillan
Publisher Bedford/St. Martin's
Copyright Holder Bedford Books
Copyright 1997
This Edition Published 1998
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 0-312-11504-0
EAN 5 90000
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 95-80799
Edition No. 2
Printer's Key 1 0 9 ["f" appears below the 1]
Format Spiral-Bound
Publication Location Boston, United States
Page Count / Font ix + 197 pages
Language English
Chapters preface, iii

introduction, p. 1
Locating and Using Biological Literature, p. 7
Handling Data, p. 22
Using Tables and Figures, p. 32
Writiing a Research Paper, p. 53
Writing a Review Paper, p. 85
Documenting the Paper, p. 103
Drafting and Revising, p. 120
Preparing the Final Draft, p. 146
Using Writing to Prepare for Examinations, p. 155
Other forms of Biological Writing, p. 162

Additional Readings, p. 183
References Cited, p. 189
Index, p. 191


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