Allen Everett, Thomas Roman

Time Travel and Warp Drives


Main Details
Author Allen Everett
Author Thomas Roman
First Published
First Paperback Printing
Identifying Codes
ISBN 13 978-0-226-22498-5 (Cloth)
ISBN 13 978-0-226-04548-1 (Paper)
ISBN 13 978-0-226-22500-5 (e-book)
Format Paperback
Publication Location The University Of Chicago Press, Chicago 60637
Page Count 268 pages
Language English
Chapters Preface

1 Introduction

2 Time, Clocks, and Reference Frames

3 Lorentz Transformations and Special Relativity

4 The Light Cone

5 Forward Time Travel and the Twin "Paradox"

6 "Forward, into the Past"

7 The Arrow of Time

8 General Relativity: Curved Space and Warped Time

9 Wormholes and Warp Bubbles: Beating the Light Barrier and Possible Time Machines

10 Banana Peels and Parallel Worlds

11 "Don't Be So Negative": Exotic Matter

12 "To Boldly Go..."

13 Cylinders and Strings

14 Epilogue
Notes To my loving wife, Cecilia, and to my parents (T.R)

In memory of my late beloved wife and cherished best friend, Marylee Sticklin Everett. For more than 42 years of love, companionship, support, and wonderful memories, thank you. (A.E)


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