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Hans Christian Andersen

Fairy Tales

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Main Details
Author Hans Christian Andersen
Illustrator Jiří Trnka
Imprint Hamlyn
Designed by Artia
Producer Artia
Publisher The Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd
Copyright Holder Golden Pleasure Books Ltd
Copyright Holder Artia
Printed by Polygrafia
First Published 1959
This Impression 1971
Identifying Codes
Impression/Printing No. 10
ISBN 10 0 601 07431 9
Other 1/01/06-51
Format Hardback
Publication Location London • New York • Sydney • Toronto
Genre Fairy Tale
Page Count / Font 206
Language English
Chapters The Tinder-box
The Nightingale
The Snow Queen
The Shepherdess and the Chimney-sweep
The Fir-tree
The Real Princess
The Ugly Duckling
The Money-box
The Flying Trunk
The Constant Tin Soldier
The Travelling Companion
The Emperor's New Clothes
The Little Mermaid
The Swineherd
Little Ida's Flowers
The Wild Swans
The Happy Family
Mother Elder
The Toad
Notes Printed in Czechoslovakia by Polygrafia, Prague
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