Weird Fiction Review

Weird Fiction Review Number 5


Main Details
Periodical Title Weird Fiction Review
Publisher Centipede Press
Editor S. T. Joshi
Contributing Editor Stefan Dziemianowicz
Contributing Editor Norm Larson
Contributing Editor Danel Olson
Contributing Editor John Pelan
Contributing Editor Jim Rockhill
Cover/Jacket Design by Mark Winn
Copyright Holder Centipede Press
Copyright Holder (Cover/Jacket Art) Travis Louie
About/Subject Richard Matheson
About/Subject Whispers Press
About/Subject James Branch Cabell
About/Subject Al Feldstein*
About/Subject Edgar Allan Poe
About/Subject Antoine Wiertz
About/Subject Ray Bradbury
About/Subject William L. Crawford
About/Subject Forrest J Ackerman*
About/Subject Caitlín R. Kiernan
Artist Travis Louie
Artist Al Feldstein*
Contributing Writer Brian Stableford
Contributing Writer Danel Olson
Contributing Writer Darrell Schweitzer
Contributing Writer Dennis Etchison
Contributing Writer Donald R. Burleson
Contributing Writer Donald Tyson
Contributing Writer Jan Vander Laenen
Contributing Writer Jason V Brock*
Contributing Writer John Butler
Contributing Writer John Pelan
Contributing Writer Jonathan Thomas
Contributing Writer Robert H. Waugh
Contributing Writer Sherry Austin
Contributing Writer Sam Gafford
Contributing Writer Stefan Dziemianowicz
Contributing Writer Wayne Edwards
Essay by Dennis Etchison
Essay by Jason V Brock*
Essay by Darrell Schweitzer
Essay by James Goho
Interview with/Interviewee Michael Aronovitz
Interview with/Interviewee Al Feldstein*
Interview with/Interviewee Ray Bradbury
Interview with/Interviewee Stuart David Schiff
Interview by/Interviewer Jonathan Johnson (2)
Interview by/Interviewer Wayne Edwards
Interview by/Interviewer Jason V Brock*
Interview by/Interviewer Dennis Etchison
Photography Bill Warren
Poetry by Wade German
Poetry by Ashley Dioses
Poetry by Charles Lovecraft
Poetry by Ann K. Schwader
Poetry by Michael Fantina
Poetry by Chad Hensley
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price $35
Issue Number Number 5
ISBN 13 978-1-61347-143-2
Format Paperback
Publication Location Lakewood, Colorado
Page Count 303 pages
Language English

Presenting! The Amazing! Ackermonster!
Essay by Dennis Etchison
Photographs by Bill Warren

A Further Experiment in the Effects of Mesmerism
Shot fiction by Brian Stableford

Richard Matheson and His Impact
Essay by Jason V Brock

The Land of Lonesomeness
Short fiction by Sam Gafford

James Branch Cabell's "Machen" Story
Essay by Darrell Schweitzer

Concerning Corinna
Short fiction by James Branch Cabell

Michael Aronovitz
Interview by Jonathan Johnson

Shelf Life
Short fiction by Donald R. Burleson

Welcome Back
Short fiction by Jonathan Thomas

Stuart David Schiff and Whispers Press
Article and interview by Wayne Edwards

Blame it on Feldstein
Article by John Butler

Al Feldstein's MAD, MAD World
Article and interview by Jason V Brock

Travis Louie Gallery
Artwork by Travis Louie

The Monstrous and the Fantastic
Article by Jan Vander Laenen

The Damnable Offsense
Short fiction by Sherry Austin

Bradbury in Hollywood
Article and interview by Dennis Etchison

Hanged Man and Ghost
Short fiction by Darrell Schweitzer

The Little Publisher That Could
Article by Stefan Dziemianowicz

Caitlín R. Kiernan and the Folklore of Awe
Essay by James Goho

Short fiction by Jason V Brock

The Nail
Short fiction by Donald Tyson

The Tugboat
Short fiction by Robert H. Waugh

Casket Letters: Fifty Essential Comics
Column by Danel Olson

Forgotten Masters of the Weird Tale
Column by John Pelan


Wade German
Charles Lovecraft
Ann K. Schwader
Chad Hensley
Ashley Dioses
Michael Fantina
Notes Limited to 500 copies

Printed and bound in the United States

The cover states "Fall 2014" and the copyright page "Winter 2014"


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