Matthew Beresford

From Demons to Dracula: The Creation of the Modern Vampire Myth

2008 (First Published)

Main Details
Author Matthew Beresford
Publisher Reaktion Books
Distributed by/Director of Distribution The University of Chicago Press
Copyright Holder Matthew Beresford
About/Subject Dracula
About/Subject Transylvania
First Published 2008
Copyright 2008
Identifying Codes
ISBN 13 978-1-86189-403-8
Dewey Decimal Classification Number 398.2'1
Format Paperback
Publication Location Chicago, IL
Page Count 240 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction
1 The Ancient World: Origins of the Vampire
2 The Vampire in Prehistory: Early Ideas on Death & Burial
3 Historical Roots: The Vampire in the Middle Ages
4 Vampire Haunts #1: Transylvania, Romania
5 The Historical Dracula: Vlad III Tepes
6 From Myth to Reality: The Vampire of Folklore
7 A Fiend Is Born: The Vampire in Literature
8 Vampiric Haunts #2: Whitby, North Yorkshire, England
9 Phantasmagoria: The Modern Vampire
10 Vampiric Haunts #3: Highgate Cemetery, London, England
Conclusion: A Dark Reflection of Human Society?

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