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Keyboard (1986/01)

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Periodical Title Keyboard
Publisher GPI Publications
Copyright Holder GPI Publications
Publisher Executive Publisher: Jim Crockett*
Editor Dominic Milano
Associate Editor Jim Aikin
Cover photo Warren J. Hukill
About/Subject Tangerine Dream
About/Subject Synthesizers
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ISSN 0730-0158
Barcode 0 74470 66788
EAN 2 01
Price $2.50 US
Price $3.40 Canada
Price £2.00 UK
Volume Number 12
Series Number 1
Issue Number 117
Format Magazine
Language English
Chapters The MIDI Phenomenon

28 // Introduction
The Musical Instrument Digital Interface has given keyboard players creative options that once they could only dream about. And when you look at the possibilities MIDI has placed within our grasp, the dream may just be beginning.

30 // What Is MIDI?
How the magic code does what it does.

32 // Synthesizers & Samplers
Low on cash? No problem! Check our guide to programmable MIDI keyboards and modules that list for under $1,500.

35 // An Insider’s View of MIDI
Jim Cooper, president ofthe MIDI Manufacturers Association, recalls the formative years of the interface, and offers an enticing vision of its future.

40 // Computers & Hardware Interfaces
How to find the right command center for your MIDI setup.

49 // Controllers
A survey of MIDI stationary and strap-on keyboard controllers, with some advice on how to choose the best one for you.

53 // Accessories
Synchronizers, switchers, and other gadgets that help you channel the MIDI stream.

56 // The Human Connection
Steve Porcaro, Mark Mothersbaugh, Alan Howarth, and Jerry Goldsmith on how MIDI has changed their music.

66 // Software
Forget your old ideas about learning, studying, and playing music; the new rules are being written in the sprawling MIDI music software field. Keyboard examines the hottest sequencer, voicing and librarian, and music scoring programs.

72 // Sequencer Buyer's Guide
A thorough guide to available software and hardware sequencers, compiled on a special gatefold chart, suitable for framing.

82 // Giveaway
Win a complete MIDI studio, worth over $9,000!

84 // Build Your Own System
If you've gotten this far, you’re ready to put your own complete system together. Here’s how you do it.

96 // User & Manufacturer Groups The future of MIDI in America rests in the hands of two organizations: the MMA and the IMA.

108 // Manufacturer List
Addresses for just about everyone in the MIDI game.

62 // Herbie Hancock & Alan Howarth
Putting MIDI to the test with two exclusive Keyboard recordings: Alan Howarth’s “Song From The Inner Ear,” and "Erik’s Brick Wall” by Herbie Hancock.

17 // Soundtrack: Tangerine Dream takes over on Legend.
18 // People: Trans-Atlantic blues piano master Memphis Slim.
23 // Inside Tracks: A Tom Bailey sampler on Thompson Twins' Here': To Future Days.
24 // Keyboard News: Movie Music from Keith Emerson.

114 // Digital Sampling
Terry Fryer examines the history of sound sampling.

116 // In The Studio
Tips from Bobby Nathan on eliminating line noise.

117 // Computers For Keyboardists
Back up your MIDI library programs!

121 // Keyboard Report
Drum machine meets user sampling in the new E-mu SP-12.

126 // Keyboard Report
Blank Software's SoundLab voice editing program for the Ensoniq Mirage.

132 // Keyboard Report
The Tascam Studio 8 takes home recording beyond the limits of the Portastudio.

Private Lessons
110 // Dave Stewart
An inside look at the sequencer structure of last month’s Stewart Soundpage.

112 // Ruth Slenczynska
Exercises for learning how to hear what you play.

113 // David Burge
A glimpse of Claude Debussy’s quiet harmonic revolution,as captured in "Jardins sous la pluie,” from Estampes.

6 // Letters
A potpourri of complaints, corrections, and congratulations.

10 // Guest Editorial
Should we even try to make our drum machines sound like real drummers?

12 // Questions
Low-cost rhythm units, Juno-60 patches, and the ultimate piano stretch-tuning chart.

140 // Advertiser Index

142 // Classified Ads
Notes MIDI Mania


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