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Alternative Press #340 (November 2016)

2016-11 (Cover Date)

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Interview with/Interviewee Jeffree Star
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About/Subject Microwave (band)
About/Subject Sum 41
About/Subject Set It Off
About/Subject 5 Seconds Of Summer
About/Subject Pierce The Veil
About/Subject Halestorm
About/Subject The Devil Wears Prada (band)
Cover Date 2016-11
Copyright 2016
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ISSN 1065-1667
Volume Number 31
Issue Number 340
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Language English
Chapters Cover
52 // Jeffree Starr
This Myspace maven used to do the Warped circuit, living out of a van and performing on side stages. Now he's upgraded to the BMW life, selling liquid lipsticks and frosty highlights to vastly larger lines than anyone else this summer. But Star's beauty horizons go far beyond Warped—and he's here to stay.

66 // Microwave
As a former Mormon missionary, Microwave's Nathan Hardy can cheerily say he's moved up and on from his past life. Now, he's making gritty pop punk anyone can fall in love with.

70 // Sum 41
Deryck Whibley has been through a lot this year. After a life-threatening stint in the hospital, he's ready to unleash new Sum music-and a new perspective-onto the world.

82 // Set It Off
From hand-selling CDs at Warped to playing the main stage every day, Cody Carson tells us how Set It Off's turbulent journey so far led to their most dynamic album yet.

40 // AP's Touring Special
We asked PIERCE THE VEIL, 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER and HALESTORM for their absolute tour essentials, and got some pretty interesting answers. From electric scooters to sewing kits, here's how these bands stay sane on the road.

12 // The AP Poll
Do established bands have a responsibility to promote up-and- coming bands?

15 // The Pit
This month, we're slamming into MACHINE GUN KELLY, NEW YEARS DAY and all the Halloween goodies you could ask for.

18 // AP:DIY
Interviews and advice from the people behind EVERY TIME I DIE. STITCHED UP HEART and others.

24 // AP Recommends
TROPHY EYES, BIG JESUS, SLEEP ON IT and 12 of your new favorites.

34 // Lifestyle
Thanks to our pal JEFFREE STAR, we've got all the style guidance you could possibly need.

87 // Reviews
The latest releases by THE DEVIL WEARS RADA, BOSTON MANOR and more.

92 // 10 Essential Scene-Approved Club Bangers


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