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Stanisław Lem

Wie die Welt noch einmal davonkam. Der Kyberiade erster Teil

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Main Details
Author Stanisław Lem
Translated by Jens Reuter
Editor Franz Rottensteiner
Copyright Holder (Translation) Insel Verlag
Licensed from Insel Verlag
Licensed to Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Verlag
Printed by Ebner Ulm*
Cover/Jacket Design by Willy Fleckhaus
Cover/Jacket Design by Rolf Staudt
Publisher Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Verlag
Publisher Series Phantastische Bibliothek
Illustrator Daniel Mróz
Translated by Caesar Rymarowicz
Translated by Karl Dedecius
Translated by Klaus Staemmler
Cover Art by Hans Ulrich
Cover Art by Ute Osterwalder
First Published 1965
First Printing in Country 1983
This Edition Published 1985
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 3-518-37681-0
Catalog Number 1181
Series Number 158
Price <900> (9,00 DM)
Format Paperback
Publication Location Germany
Genre Short Stories
Science Fiction
Page Count / Font 184 pages
Language German
Original Language Polish
Original Title Cyberiada
Notes Erste Auflage
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