Professor Brian Cox*, Andrew Cohen

Human Universe

2015 (This Edition Published)

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Author Professor Brian Cox*
Author Andrew Cohen
Copyright Holder (Photos) Shutterstock
Copyright Holder (Photos) NASA
Publisher William Collins (2)
First Published by William Collins (2)
Copyright Holder (Text) Brian Cox
Copyright Holder (Text) Andrew Cohen
Copyright Holder (Graphics) HarperCollinsPublishers*
Copyright Holder (Design) HarperCollinsPublishers*
Published in/by Arrangement with BBC
Copyright Holder (Graphics) BBC
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Copyright Holder (Photos) Science Photo Library
Copyright Holder (Photos) Sheila Terry
Copyright Holder (Photos) BBC
Copyright Holder (Photos) ESA And The Planck Collaboration*
Photo Credit The Carnegie Observatories
Copyright Holder (Photos) JPL*
Copyright Holder (Photos) Jerry R. Ehrman
Copyright Holder (Photos) Benjamin Crowell
Copyright Holder (Photos) Lionel Bret
Copyright Holder (Photos) Look At Sciences
Copyright Holder (Photos) Didier Descouens
Copyright Holder (Photos) Roger Harris (2)
Copyright Holder (Photos) Brian Cox
Copyright Holder (Photos) Rex Features
Copyright Holder (Photos) Ted Kinsman
Copyright Holder (Photos) Kenneth Libbrecht
Copyright Holder (Photos) Philippe Plailly
Copyright Holder (Photos) National Geographic Image Collection
Copyright Holder (Photos) Alamy
Copyright Holder (Photos) CERN (2)
Copyright Holder (Photos) age fotostock Spain, S. L.*
This Edition Published 2015
First Published 2014
Copyright 2014
Copyright 2015
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ISBN 13 978-0-00-812508-0
Barcode 9 780008 125080 >
Price £8.99
Printer's Key 21 20 19 18 17 16
Format Paperback
Publication Location United Kingdom
Page Count / Font 260 pages
Language English
Chapters Where Are We?
Are We Alone?
Who Are We?
Why Are We Here?
What Is Our Future?
Notes Cover photography © Shutterstock (Ape); © Nasa (arm)

Text © Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen 2014
Diagrams, design and layout © HarperCollingsPublishers 2015
By arrangement with the BBC
BBC logo © BBC 2014

Plate Section Credits
p1 © NASA/Science Photo Library; p2 © Sheila Terry/Science Photo Library; p3 © BBC; p4 © ESA and the Planck Collaboration; p5 Courtesy of The Carnegie Observatories; p6 © NASA/JPL; p7 top © Jerry R. Ehman; p7 bottom © Benjamin Crowell; pp8-9 bottom © Lionel Bret/Look at Sciences/Science Photo Library; p9 top left © Didier Descouens; p9 top right © Roger Harris/Science Photo Library; pp10, 11 © Brian Cox; p12 © NASA/Rex Features; p13 © Ted Kinsman/Kenneth Libbrecht/Science Photo Library; p14 top © Philippe Plailly/Science Photo Library; pp14-15 bottom © National Geographic Image Collection/Alamy; p15 top © CERN/Science Photo Library; p16 age fotostock Spain, S. L./Alamy.
Printed and bound in Great Britain


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