Mark E. Smith

Renegade: The Lives and Tales of Mark E. Smith

(First Published)

Main Details
Author Mark E. Smith
Co-Author Austin Collings
Cover photo Chris Terry
Cover photo Mick Hutson
Cover photo Lex Van Rossen
Cover photo Janette Beckman
Copyright Holder (Photos) Chris Terry
Copyright Holder (Photos) Mick Hutson
Copyright Holder (Photos) Lex Van Rossen
Copyright Holder (Photos) Janette Beckman
Copyright Holder (Photos) Tom Sheehan
Copyright Holder Mark E. Smith
Typeset by Rowland Phototypesetting Ltd
Printed by Clays Ltd
Imprint Viking
Publisher Penguin Group
About/Subject The Fall
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-0-670-91674-0
Format Hardback
Publication Location UK
Page Count 241 pages
Font Monotype Bembo 12 / 14.75pt
Language English


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