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Timothy J. Kask

The Dragon Vol. II, No. 3

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Main Details
Periodical Title The Dragon
Publisher TSR Periodicals
Publisher TSR Hobbies, Inc
Editor Timothy J. Kask
Artist Dave Trampier
Cover Artist Bill Hannan
Copyright Holder TSR Hobbies, Inc
Contributor Gary Gygax
Contributor Harry O. Fischer
Contributor M. A. R. Barker
Contributor Brian Blume
Contributor James M. Ward
Contributor Tom Wham
Contributor Tramp*
Contributor Not credited:J. D. Webster*
Cover Date 1977-09
Copyright 1976
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 2
Issue Number 3
Price $1.50
Series Number 9
Format Magazine
Publication Location Lake Geneva, WI
Genres Non-fiction
Page Count / Font 30
Language English
Notes This edition adds a number to the mix, so along with being Vol II, No 3, it is also number 9. I have added this as Series Number!
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