Michael Moore, Kathleen Glynn

Adventures in a TV Nation


Main Details
Author Michael Moore
Author Kathleen Glynn
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-06-098809-6
Format Paperback
Publication Location US
Page Count 241 pages
Language English
Original Language English
Original Title Adventures in a TV Nation
Chapters 1. Who Let This Show on the Air?
2. Love Night
3. Invading the Beach at Greenwich, Connecticut
4. Payback Time
5. The Corp-Aid Concert
6. Crackers, the Corporate Crime-Fighting Chicken
7. The CEO Challenge
8. Brian Anthony Harris is Not Wanted
9. Taxi
10. Slaves
11.A Day with Dr. Death
12. Are you Prepared for Prison?
13. I Want to Be an Argentinean
14. Junk Mail
15. Sabotage
16. Yuri, Our TV Nation Spy
17. Mike's Missile
18. Haulin' Communism
19. The Johns of Justice
20. With Neighbors Like These
21. Health Care Olympics
22. Cobb County
23. Making Peace with Pizza
24. We Hire Our Own Lobbyist
25. Whiny White Guys
26. The Censored TV Nation
27. When All is Said and Done


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