Bruce Nichols

Men's Lives: Second Edition

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Compiled by Michael S. Kimmel
Compiled by Michael A. Messner
Editor Bruce Nichols
Production Director/Manager George Carr
Production Director/Manager Jennifer Mallon
Cover/Jacket Design by Blake Logan
Cover photo Pablo Picasso
Copyright Holder Macmillan Publishing Company
Typeset by TC Systems, Inc.
Printed and Bound by Book Press
Printed by New England Book Components
Publisher Macmillan Publishing Company
Preface by M. S. K.*
Preface by M. A. M.*
Contributor Joseph H. Pleck
Contributor Michael Kaufman
Contributor Jewelle Taylor Gibbs
Contributor Maxine Baca Zinn
Contributor Michael S. Kimmel
Contributor Seymour Kleinberg
Contributor Barrie Thorne
Contributor Jeffrey P. Hantover
Contributor Richard Majors
Contributor Gary Alan Fine
Contributor Peter Lyman
Contributor Don Sabo
Contributor Michael Messner
Contributor Bob Connell
Contributor Charles J. Levy
Contributor Jessie Bernard
Contributor Anthony Astrachan
Contributor Ian Harris
Contributor David L. Collinson
Contributor Ben Fong-Torres
Contributor Martin P. Levine
Contributor James Harrison
Contributor James Chin
Contributor Thomas Ficarrotto
Contributor Gloria Steinem
Contributor Barry Glassner
Contributor Martin Duberman
Contributor Martin S. Kimmel
Contributor Lillain B. Rubin
Contributor Clyde W. Franklin II
Contributor Jack W. Sattel
Contributor Wayne Ewing
Contributor Jane Hood
Contributor Tim Beneke
Contributor Gregory K. Lehne
Contributor Peter M. Nardi
Contributor Martin Simmons
Contributor Kathryn Ann Farr
Contributor Susan Brownmiller
Contributor Alan F. Gross
Contributor Robert Staples
Contributor Jeffrey Fracher
Contributor Leonore Tiefer
Contributor Edward Donnerstein
Contributor Daniel Linz
Contributor Chris Clark
Contributor M. Rochlin
Contributor Gary Kinsman
Contributor Ruth Sidel
Contributor Arlie Hochschild
Contributor Patricia Horn
Contributor Ralph LaRossa
Contributor Barbara Katz-Rothman
Contributor Brian Miller
Contributor The National Organization For Men Against Sexism
Contributor Harry Brod
Contributor bell hooks
Contributor Betty Friedan
First Published
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-02-363870-2
Barcode 9 780023 638701 90000>
Barcode 978002363870190000>
Format Paperback
Publication Location New York, New York; Toronto, Canada
Page Count 586 pages
Font Janson
Language English
Notes Second Edition

Production Supervisor: George Carr

Cover printed by New England Book Components

Printed in the United States of America


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