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Style And Grooming Editor: Barret Wertz*

Men's Fitness (April 2017)

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Main Details
Publisher Weider Publications LLC*
Periodical Title Men's Fitness
Publisher American Media Inc.
Copyright Holder Weider Publications, LLC
Editorial Director Shawn Perine
Art Director/Editor Marne Mayer
Deputy Editor Zack Zeigler
Managing Editor Brian Good
Senior Editor/Director Nina Combs
Features Editor Jason Stahl
Copy Chief Pearl Amy Sverdlin
Copy Editor Jeff Tomko
Copy Editor Yeun Littlefield
Editor-At-Large David Zinczenko
Contributing Editor Adam Bible
Assistant Editor Brittany Smith
Editor Style And Grooming Editor: Barret Wertz*
West Coast Editor Mark Morrison
Researcher Tracy Hopkins
Researcher Sheryl Nance-Nash
Intern Editorial Intern: Rose McNulty*
Editorial Director Editorial Production Director: Russell Mendoza*
Editorial Coordination Editorial Production Coordinator: Victor Kim*
Senior Designer Joe Summa
Photo Director/Coordinator Anthony Nolan
Photo/Picture Researcher Lauren Pishna
Photo Intern Dani Goldstein
Interview with/Interviewee Guilherme Marchi
Cover photo Bull Stock Media
Cover photo Andy Watson
Photography Edgar Artiga
Cover Date 2017-04
Copyright 2017
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 33
Issue Number 3
ISSN 0893-4460
Barcode 0 73361 64732 0
EAN 2 04
Price $4.99 US
Price $5.99 CAN
Format e-Zine
Publication Location U.S.A.
Genre Health & Fitness
Page Count / Font 128
Language English
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