National Geographic (January 2017)

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title National Geographic
Publisher National Geographic Partners, LLC
Copyright Holder National Geographic Partners, LLC
Editor in Chief Susan Goldberg
Cover photo Robin Hammond
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 231
Issue Number 1
ISSN 0027-9358
Price $7.00 U.S.
Price $10.00 Canada
Price $15.00 International
Format e-Zine
Publication Location U.S.A.
Page Count 153 pages
Language English
Chapters 30 // I Am Nine Years Old
48 // Rethinking Gender
74 // Making A Man
104 // Dads At Home
110 // American Girl
128 // Girls At Risk
130 // Dangerous Lives Of Girls
152 // Equality
Notes Special Issue: Gender Revolution


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