Noam Chomsky

Aspectos Da Teoria Da Sintaxe

1978 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Noam Chomsky
Publisher Arménio Amado - Editor, Sucessor
Translated by José António Meireles
Translated by Eduardo Paiva Raposo
Introduction by José António Meireles
Introduction by Eduardo Paiva Raposo
Notes by José António Meireles
Notes by Eduardo Paiva Raposo
Appendix José António Meireles
Appendix Eduardo Paiva Raposo
Copyright Holder Massachusetts Institute of Technology
First Published by The MIT Press
Publisher Series Stvdivm
Printed and Bound by Tipografia Guerra
Copyright 1965
Printed 1975
This Edition Published 1978
Identifying Codes
Edition No. 2.ª
Format Paperback
Publication Location Coimbra
Page Count / Font 372 pages
Language Portuguese
Original Language English
Original Title Aspects Of The Theory Of Syntax


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