V.I. Lenin*

"Left-Wing" Communism, An Infantile Disorder

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author V.I. Lenin*
Publisher Foreign Languages Press
About/Subject Communism
First Published
This Edition Published
Format Paperback
Publication Location People's Republic of China
Page Count 131 pages
Language English
Original Language Russian
Chapters I. In What Sense We Can Speak of the International Significance of the Russian Revolution
II. An Essential Condition of the Bolsheviks’ Success
III. The Principal Stages in the History of Bolshevism
IV. In the Struggle Against What Enemies Within the Working-Class Movement Did Bolshevism Grow Up and Become Strong and Steeled?
V. “Left-Wing” Communism in Germany: The Leaders, the Party, the Class, the Masses
VI. Should Revolutionaries Work in Reactionary Trade Unions?
VII. Should We Participate in Bourgeois Parliaments?
VIII. No Compromises?
IX. “Left-Wing” Communism in Great Britain
X. Several Conclusions

I. The Split Among the German Communists
II. The Communists and the independents in Germany
III. Turati and Co. in Italy
IV. False Conclusions from Correct Premises
V. Note from Wynkoop



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