G. P. Jordan

Weather or Not

1987 (Copyright)

Main Details
Author G. P. Jordan
Series The MicroKidz Mystery Adventures
Publisher General Paperbacks
Illustrator Wendy Wingfelder
Cover/Jacket Design by Brant Cowie, Artplus
Cover Art by Cliff Kearns
Copyright 1987
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 0-7736-7138-2
ISBN 13 978-0-7736-7138-6
Series Number 7
Format Paperback
Publication Location Canada
Page Count / Font 132 pages
Language English
Chapters Calm Ocean Sights
Rainbow Hunters, Tornado Makers
The Big Chill Factor
In the Jet Stream
Computer Models
EARS Can See
Emergency Measures
Detecting Fear
Source Codes
The Arctic Circuit
Ice Scream!
In the Eye of the Storm
Melt Down South


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