Peter Gilbert, Francis Drake

In The City: #15


Main Details
Periodical Title In The City
Editor Peter Gilbert
Editor Francis Drake
Contributing Writer Rachel
Contributing Writer Graham Newson
Contributing Writer Steve Davis
Contributing Writer Penny Rimbaud
Review by Steve Ignorant
Review by Timothy Orchard
Review by Tim Brooke
Staff Carl Hiles
Concept by Francis Drake
Photography Peter Gilbert
Designed by Francis Drake
About/Subject Punk Zines
About/Subject Post-Punk
Interview with/Interviewee Poison Girls
About/Subject Joy Division
About/Subject Anarchism
About/Subject Fad Gadget
About/Subject The Clash
Interview with/Interviewee The Gadgets
About/Subject Suicide (Band)
About/Subject The Method
About/Subject X-Effects
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 15
Format Zine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 28 pages
Language English
Notes with free (red or clear) flexi-disc:

Poison Girls - Bully Boys (live) / Pretty Polly

The 'zine features an article by Penny Rimbaud on anarchism and Steve Ignorant reviews the singles, hence the Crass credit on the cover.


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