Nick Coniglio, Rench

B-Side (1992/08&09)

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Main Details
Periodical Title B-Side
Publisher B-Side Publishing
Publisher Sandra A. Garcia
Publisher Sandra C. Davis
Managing Editor Sandra A. Garcia
Senior Editor/Director Carol S. Schutzbank
Director of Design Sandra C. Davis
Director of Design Sandra A. Garcia
Editor Nick Coniglio
Editor Rench
Photo/Picture Editor Sandra C. Davis
Senior Writer Marci Cohen
Senior Writer Brian Greenlee
Senior Writer Maureen Odell
Senior Writer Kastle
Writer Fred Carter
Writer Arlene Colone
Writer Sophie Diamantis
Writer John Gatta
Writer C.J. Krakora
Writer Bill Lamorey
Writer Brian Mansfield
Writer Kym Norsworthy
Writer Janeen K. Perutis
Writer Adam Peterson
Writer Al Quint
Writer Amy Beth Yates
Writer Patty Herlevi
Writer Jamie Kelsmey
Writer William I. Lengeman III
Writer Adam McGovern
Photography Andrea Brien
Photography Sandra Davis*
Photography Joe Hughes
Photography Ken Salerno
Photography Bobby Talamine
Photography Chris Toliver
Marketing/Advertising Carol Schutzbank*
Public Relations Carol Schutzbank*
Advertising Carol Schutzbank*
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Chris Davis
Cover photo Sandra C. Davis
Copyright Holder B-Side
About/Subject Front Line Assembly
About/Subject Jesus & Mary Chain*
About/Subject Soup Dragons*
About/Subject Swans
About/Subject Gwar
About/Subject The Cramps
About/Subject Wedding Present*
About/Subject Alien Sex Fiend
About/Subject Cracker
About/Subject Curve
About/Subject Skinny Puppy
About/Subject Ned's Atomic Dustbin
About/Subject Peter Murphy
About/Subject James (2)
About/Subject Industrial Music
Cover Date
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 6
Issue Number 4
UPC 0 74470 75716 0 08
Price $3.00
Format Magazine
Publication Location USA
Language English
Chapters Features
26 // The Cramps: Welcome To The Year 2042.
28 // The Wedding Present: Your Conversation Could Be Their Next Single.
32 // Jesus & Mary Chain: The Art Of Changing While Staying The Same.
34 // Soup Dragons: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue.
36 // Front Line Assembly: Meet With The Master Of Mindphasing
42 // Rise Robots Rise: Raiders Of The Lost Culture.
44 // Swans: The Daily Struggle For Survival
46 // Gwar: What IS In The Water In Virginia?
48 // Alien Sex Fiend: Revealed! Their Shocking Tea Habit!

8 // Letters
10 // Sight Of Sound: Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Gwar
12 // Spotlights: Course Of Empire, 360's
14 // New Music Seminar 13 Report:
15 // Special Report: Censorship In Washington State
16 // Profiles: Cracker, Treepeople, Motorpsycho, Rapscallion, Chainsaw Kittens
56 // Live: Curve, Skinny Puppy, Peter Murphy, James
60 // Sound Reviews: Bleeding Ears And Bravos
Notes Cover: Front Line Assembly - Mindphasing


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