DeWitt Wallace, Lila Acheson Wallace, Alfred S. Dashiell

The Reader's Digest Vol. 45, No. 270

1944-10-00 (Printed)

Main Details
Publisher The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.
Editor DeWitt Wallace
Editor Lila Acheson Wallace
Editor in Chief Kenneth W. Payne
Editor Alfred S. Dashiell
Senior Editor Marc A. Rose
Senior Editor Merle Crowell
Senior Editor Charles W. Ferguson
Senior Editor Howard Florance
Senior Editor William Hard, Jr.
Senior Editor Ralph E. Henderson
Senior Editor Robert Littell
Senior Editor Burt MacBride
Senior Editor Paul Palmer
Roving Editor Paul de Kruif
Roving Editor Francis Vivian Drake
Roving Editor Max Eastman
Roving Editor William Hard
Roving Editor Stanley High
Roving Editor George Kent
Roving Editor Harland Manchester
Roving Editor J. P. McEvoy
Roving Editor Allan A. Michie
Revised by Lois Mattox Miller
Roving Editor Edwin Muller
Roving Editor Donald Culross Peattie
Roving Editor Helen Hughes Richards
Roving Editor Roger William Riis
Roving Editor Henry Morton Robinson
Roving Editor Frederic Sondern, Jr.
Roving Editor Webb Waldron
Roving Editor William L. White
Associate Editor Cecile R. Archibald
Associate Editor Sydney Bagshaw
Associate Editor Doris Black
Associate Editor Helen H. Colvin
Associate Editor J. Carleton Dillon
Associate Editor Helen Firstbrook
Associate Editor Marie Gilchrist
Associate Editor Dorothy J. Grady
Associate Editor George E. Grant
Associate Editor Helen E. Greenwood
Associate Editor Dorothy Hinitt
Associate Editor Corinne Johnson
Associate Editor Harold A. Lynch
Associate Editor Edith L. Miller
Associate Editor Grace Naismith
Associate Editor Margaret S. Norris
Associate Editor Lucy L. Notestein
Associate Editor Mary C. Presson
Associate Editor Edward H. Schmidt
Associate Editor Mary K. Tupper
Associate Editor Kenneth Wilson
Copyright Holder The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.
Printed 1944-10-00
Copyright 1944
Format Magazine
Publication Location USA
Page Count / Font 128 pages
Language English
Chapters My Talk with Joseph Stalin
Magic Words
The Last Days of Dictator Benito Mussolini
Forty Minutes That Changed the War
The British Empire Feels Its Oats
The New Communist Conspiracy
My Most Unforgettable Character
What the TVA Means
Admiral Stark: Ambassador Extraordinary

My Eyes Have a Cold Nose
Will the CIO Capture the Democratic Party?

Forgotten Mysteries — III
The Great Bridge of Ships to France
Look at This Autumn-Blessed Land!
Sister Kenny vs. The Medical Old Guard

King of the Ushers
The Open Window
Can the Farm Catch Up with the Machine Age?

The Magic of "Fire Frog"
Civilian Suicides on Saipan
Report on Paradise
Horse Racing — a Wartime Scandal
Uncle Sam's Valiant Plant-Hunters
Accidents Stranger Than Fiction
Needed: Nine Million New Cars
An Ounce of Prevention: Today's Cure for Cancer
Animal Teamwork
Evangelist of Mercy
Ohio's Co-op Giant
"Maybe I Can Do It Too"
Notes October 1944


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