Nick Coniglio, Rench

B-Side (1990/12 & 1991/01)

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Main Details
Periodical Title B-Side
Publisher B-Side Publishing
Publisher Sandra A. Garcia
Publisher Sandra C. Davis
Managing Editor Sandra A. Garcia
Senior Editor/Director Carol S. Schutzbank
Director of Design Sandra C. Davis
Director of Design Sandra A. Garcia
Editor Nick Coniglio
Editor Rench
Photo/Picture Editor Sandra C. Davis
Photo/Picture Editor Tim Boone
Senior Writer Marci Cohen
Senior Writer Brian Greenlee
Senior Writer Maureen Odell
Senior Writer Kastle
Writer Arlene Colone
Writer Kurt Edwards
Writer Fred
Writer John Gatta
Writer Matt Gibb
Writer Sarah Kass
Writer Jim Knipfel
Writer C.J. Krakora
Writer Robert Moran
Writer Mr. Debauchery
Writer Janeen K. Perutis
Writer Robin Reinhart
Writer Brian Turner
Writer Amy Beth Yates
Photography Andrea Brien
Photography Craig Cowden
Photography Sandra Davis*
Photography Aime Elkins
Photography Nancie Hemminger
Photography Joe Hughes
Photography Ken Salerno
Photography Bobby Talamine
Photography Michele Taylor
Marketing/Advertising Carol Schutzbank*
Public Relations Carol Schutzbank*
Advertising Carol Schutzbank*
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Chris Davis
About/Subject Skinny Puppy
About/Subject Living Color*
About/Subject Sonic Youth
About/Subject Jesus Jones
About/Subject The Darling Buds
About/Subject The Associates
About/Subject Bel Canto
About/Subject Robert Plant
About/Subject John Doe
About/Subject Billy Idol
About/Subject Revolting Cocks
About/Subject The Charlatans
About/Subject His Name Is Alive
About/Subject Industrial Music
Cover Date
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 4
Issue Number 6
UPC 0 74470 75716 0 12
Price $2.75
Format Magazine
Publication Location USA
Language English
Chapters Features
24 // The Breeders: Girls Just Wanna Make Music.
26 // The Associates: Escaping From The Lion's Den
30 // Living Color: The Reactivation Of The Spirit
34 // Skinny Puppy: Apathy Is A Four Letter Word.
40 // Sonic Youth: The Flavor Of A Non-Situation.
42 // The Darling Buds: How Does Your Garden Grow?
44 // Jesus Jones: Coverting The Willing Sample.
46 // Bel Canto: The Brightest Northern Lights.
48 // John Doe: Is He More That His Name?
50 // Robert Plant: In Search Of Future Myths.

8 // Letters
10 // Profiles: The Charlatans, The Big Thing, His Name Is Alive
16 // International Incident: The Glorious 1990 Reading Festival
53 // Live: Bill Idol Sneers, Faith No More Rules While Revolting Cocks Get Pissed. Also The Robert Graves Benefit, A Spilt Second And Danzig
58 // Sound Reviews: Things Seem To Be Looking Up
Notes Cover: Skinny Puppy - Wild At Art


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