The Science Book (Exclusive Edition)


Main Details
Publisher National Geographic Society
Imprint National Geographic
President John M. Fahey, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John M. Fahey, Jr.
Chairman of the Board Gilbert M. Grosvenor
President Tim T. Kelly
President John Q. Griffin
Executive Vice President Nina D. Hoffman
Senior Vice President Kevin Mulroy
Director of Photography Leah Bendavid-Val
Director of Design Marianne R. Koszorus
Executive Editor Barbara Brownell Grogan
Director Elizabeth Newhouse
Director Carl Mehler
Project Editor/Coordinator/Director Judith Klein
Managing Editor Jennifer A. Thornton
Production Director/Manager R. Gary Colbert
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Christopher A. Liedel
Vice President Phillip L. Schlosser
Technical Director Chris Brown
Manager Nicole Elliott
Manager Monika D. Lynde
Manager Rachel Faulise
Copyright Holder Peter Delius Verlag GmbH & Co.
Foreword by Marshall Brain
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-1-4262-0369-5
Barcode 9 781426 203695
EAN 5 90000
Format Hardback
Page Count 464 pages
Language English
Chapters 12 Foreword
16 The Universe And Galaxies
30 The Solar System
52 Origins And Geology
94 Water
110 Atmosphere
128 Environmental Protection
138 Evolution
170 Microorganisms
178 Plants And Fungi
194 Animals
218 Humans
248 Genetics And Heredity
258 Ethology
268 Ecology
282 Inorganic Chemistry
294 Organic Chemistry And Biochemistry
310 Physics
338 Technology
404 Mathematics
422 Appendix


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