C. A. Breuer*

Weltkunst 1979 Nummer 11

1979-06-01 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Weltkunst
Editor C. A. Breuer*
Cover Artist Johann Christian Reinhart
Publisher Kunst und Technik Verlags-GmbH
Publishing Director Carl August Breuer
Publishing Director Dr. Richard Breuer*
Contributing Writer Hans-Peter Trenchel
Contributing Writer Hanswernfried Muth
Contributing Writer Yvonne Friedrichs
Contributing Writer Gisela Reineking von Bock
Contributing Writer Horst Richter
Contributing Writer Axel Beyer (2)
Contributing Writer Jürgen Weichardt
Contributing Writer Günter Metken
Contributing Writer Rainer Beck
Contributing Writer Gisela Goldberg
Contributing Writer Christa von Helmolt
Contributing Writer Lutz Meunier
Contributing Writer Konrad Renger
Contributing Writer Eduard Foltin
Contributing Writer Wolfgang Sauré
Contributing Writer Dorothee von Flemming
About/Subject Medals
About/Subject Landscape Painting
About/Subject Gerhard Hoehme
About/Subject Amber (2)
About/Subject Piet Mondrian
About/Subject De Stijl
About/Subject Jeanne Mammen
About/Subject Hans Thiemann
About/Subject Fritz Fröhlich
About/Subject Paul-Armand Gette
About/Subject Emil Nolde
About/Subject Louise Stomps
About/Subject Nikolaus Gysis*
About/Subject Alte Pinakothek
About/Subject Wilhelm-Hack-Museum
About/Subject Verein der Freunde der Nationalgalerie
About/Subject Francisco de Goya
About/Subject John of Nepomuk
About/Subject Auguste Rodin
About/Subject Friedrich Werthmann
About/Subject René Laubies
About/Subject Spiegelkwartier Amsterdam
About/Subject Le Louvre des Antiquaires
Contributing Writer Dr. Horst Ludwig*
This Edition Published 1979-06-01
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 49. Jahrgang - Nummer 11
ISSN 00043-261X
Other B 7135 DX
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count / Font 1340-1500 pages
Language German


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