Nancy Thomas

The American Discovery of Ancient Egypt


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Author Nancy Thomas
Essay by Bruce G. Trigger
Essay by Gerry D. Scott, III
Contributor James P. Allen
Contributor Peter Brand
Contributor Richard Fazzini
Contributor Traianos Gagos
Contributor Joyce L. Haynes
Contributor Marsha Hill
Contributor Cathleen Keller
Contributor Peter Lacovara
Contributor Diana Wolfe Larkin
Contributor Yvonne J. Markowitz
Contributor Bojana Mosjov*
Contributor William H. Peck
Contributor Catharine H. Roehrig
Contributor James Romano
Contributor Donald B. Spanel
Contributor Emily Teeter
Contributor Terry Wilfong
Publisher Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Publisher American Research Center in Egypt
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
Copyright Holder Museum Associates, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Printed by Global Interprint
Editor Suzanne Kotz
Editor Karen Jacobson
Designed by Pamela Patrusky
Supervising Photographer Peter Brenner
Production Assistant Theresa Velázquez
Maps Anne Gauldin
Maps Gauldin/Farrington Design*
About/Subject Ancient Egypt
About/Subject Ancient Civilisations
About/Subject Egypt
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ISBN 10 0-8109-6312-4
Barcode 9780810963122
EAN 5 90000
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 95-078317
Format Hardback
Page Count 275 pages
Language English
Chapters Forewords

Chronology of Ancient Egypt

Chronology of Ancient Nubia


Egyptology, Ancient Egypt, and the American Imagination
Bruce G. Trigger

Go Down into Egypt: The Dawn of American Egyptology
Gerry D. Scott, III

American Institutional Fieldwork in Egypt, 1899—1960
Nancy Thomas

Note on the Catalogue and List of Abbreviations

Catalogue of the Exhibition
James P. Allen, Peter Brand, Richard Fazzini, Traianos Gagos, Joyce L. Haynes, Marsha Hill, Cathleen Keller, Peter Lacovara, Diana Wolfe Larkin, Yvonne J. Markowitz, Bojana Mosjov, William H. Peck, Catharine H. Roehrig, James Romano, Gerry D. Scott, III, Donald B. Spanel, Emily Teeter, Nancy Thomas, Terry Wilfong
- Early Collections
- Predynastic
- Early Dynastic
- Old Kingdom
- First Intermediate Period
- Middle Kingdom
- Second Intermediate Period
- 18th Dynasty
- 19th and 20th Dynasties
- Third Intermediate Period
- 25th Dynasty
- Late Period
- Ptolemaic Period
- Roman Period
- Meroitic Period

Archaeological and Research Exhibitions to Egypt and Nubia
Selected Bibliography
Lenders to the Exhibition
Notes "This book was published in conjunction with the exhibition The American Discovery of Ancient Egypt."

With 227 illustrations, 70 plates in full color and 157 in duotone

Printed in Hong Kong


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