Freakbeat Six


Main Details
Periodical Title Freakbeat
Writer Ivor Trueman
Writer Richard Allen (2)
Contributor Max Myndblown
Contributor Phil McMullen
Contributor John Miller (2)
Contributor Gaztrix The Aquarian
Contributor Alan Duffy
Cover/Jacket Design by Steve Lines
Cover Artist Alistair Campbell
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Ivor Trueman
Staff Julie Moylan
Interview with/Interviewee The Moffs
About/Subject Dimentia 13
About/Subject Loop
Interview with/Interviewee Twink
About/Subject The Steppes
Interview with/Interviewee Thee Hypnotics
Interview with/Interviewee The Inn
About/Subject The Chemistry Set
Interview with/Interviewee The Marshmallow Overcoat
About/Subject Rubbermind Revenge
Interview with/Interviewee The Birdmen Of Alkatraz
Interview with/Interviewee Bargepole
About/Subject Plasticland
Interview with/Interviewee John Frankovic
About/Subject The Dilemmas
Interview with/Interviewee Psycho's Mum
About/Subject The Colored Plank
About/Subject Psychedelic Music
About/Subject Garage Rock
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 6
Format Zine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 54 pages
Language English
Notes Includes 3D glasses (some issues came with just the lenses). Plus 2 Double-Sided Flexi-Discs featuring Dementia 13, The Inn, Bargepole, Twink, The Chemistry Set, The Colored Plank.

Also articles - The Moffs: Part one (1983-85), Plasticland: pt 2 of an interview with John Frankovic


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