Patricia Cornwell

Black Notice

2000 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Patricia Cornwell
Imprint Warner Books
Cover photo Adrian Mott
First Published by G. P. Putnam's Sons
Publisher Little, Brown and Company (UK)
Copyright Holder Cornwell Enterprises, Inc.
Production Palimpsest Book Production Limited
Printed and Bound by Clays Ltd, St Ives plc*
Series Dr. Kay Scarpetta
First Published 1999
This Edition Published 2000
Copyright 1999
Identifying Codes
Price U.K. £5.99*
ISBN 0-7515-2543-X
Barcode 9 780751 525434
Series Number 11
Format Mass-Market Paperback
Publication Location London, UK
Page Count / Font 466 pages
Language English


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