Sven B. F. Jansson

Runes In Sweden

1997 (Printed)

Main Details
Author Sven B. F. Jansson
Translated by Peter Foote
Photography Bengt A. Lundberg
Printed by Fälths Tryckeri
Publisher Gidlunds
Copyright Holder (Text) Sven B. F. Jansson
Foreword by Sven B. F. Jansson
Foreword by Bengt A. Lundberg
Printed 1997
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 91-7844-067-X
Barcode 9 789178 440672
Format Hardback
Publication Location Sweden
Page Count / Font 187 pages
Language English
Chapters Foreword

The Oldest Runic Inscriptions
The 16-Rune Futhark
Runic Inscriptions From The Viking Age
Viking expeditions in the light of runic inscriptions
On the eastern route
On the western route
The homeland in the light of runic inscriptions
Peaceful occupations
The conversion
Rune stones at assembly places
The good man
Poetry In Runes
Pictures On Rune Stones
Runes From Medieval And Later Times

Bibliography And Notes
Index Of Inscriptions
Distribution-Map; Inscriptions In The Primitive Norse Futhark
Distribution-Map; Inscriptions In The 16-Symbol Futhark
Notes First edition, second printing.


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