Guillaume Apollinaire


1974 (Printed)

Main Details
Author Guillaume Apollinaire
Translated by Anne Hyde Greet
Foreword by Warren Ramsey
Publisher University of California Press
Copyright Holder The Regents of the University of California
Printed 1974
Copyright 1965
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 0-520-00029-3
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 65-20148
Other CAL 121
Impression/Printing No. 2
Format Paperback
Publication Location Berkeley and Los Angeles
Page Count / Font 289 pages
Languages English, French
Chapters Foreword

Zone - Zone
Le Pont Mirabeau - Mirabeau Bridge
La Chanson du Mal-Aimé - The Song of the Poorly Loved
Les Colchiques - The Crocuses
Palais - Palace
Chantre - Singer
Crépuscule - Twilight
Annie - Annie
La Maison des Morts - The House of the Dead
Clotilde - Clotilde
Cortège - Procession
Marizibill - Marizibill
Le Voyageur - The Traveler
Marie - Marie
La Blanche Neige - White Snow
Poème lu au mariage d'André Salmon - Poem Read at André Salmon's Wedding
L'Adieu - The Farewell
Salomé - Salomé
La Porte - The Door
Merlin et la vieille Femme - Merlin and the Old Woman
Saltimbanques - Mounterbanks
Le Larron - The Thief
Le Vent nocturne - Night Wind
Lul de Faltenin - Lul of Faltenin
La Tzigane - The Gypsy
L'Ermite - The Hermit
Automne - Autumn
L'Émigrant de Landon Road - The Emigrant from Landon Road
Rosemonde - Rosemonde
Le Brasier - The Brazier
Rhénanes - Rhénanes
Signe - Sign
Un Soir - One Evening
La Dame - The Lady
Les Fiançailles - The Betrothal
Clair de Lune - Clair de Lune
1909 - 1909
A la Santé - At the Santé
Automne malade - Sickly Autumn
Hôtels - Hotels
Cors de Chasse - Hunting Horns
Vendémiaire - Vendémiaire

Notes Second printing, 1974.

"This new printing contains a number of emendations to the translations, many of them inspired by the generous criticism of Professor Scott Bates of the University of Sewance and Professor S. I. Lockerbie of the University of Stirling."

Printed in the United States of America


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