Rand Miller, Robyn Miller

Myst: Das Buch Atrus

1996 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Rand Miller
Author Robyn Miller
Co-Author David Wingrove
Translated by Uta Kosin
Illustrator William Cone
Copyright Holder Cyan Inc.
Copyright Holder (This Edition) Bastei-Verlag Gustav H. Lübbe
Publisher Bastei-Verlag Gustav H. Lübbe
Printed and Bound by Groupe Hérissey, Èvreux, Frankreich
Series Myst
This Edition Published 1996
Copyright 1995
Identifying Codes
ISBN 3-404-20900-1
Catalog Number 20900
Format Hardback
Publication Location Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
Page Count 352 pages
Language German
Original Language English
Original Title Myst: The Book Of Atrus
Notes Erste Auflage:
Mai 1995

Zweite Auflage:
Juni 1998


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