J. C. Flügel*

The Psycho-Analytic Study of the Family

(This Impression)

Main Details
Author J. C. Flügel*
Series The International Psycho-Analytical Library
Series Editor Ernest Jones, M.D.*
Publisher The Hogarth Press Ltd*
Publisher The Institute of Psycho-Analysis
Printed by Lowe & Brydone Printers Limited
Preface by J. C. F.*
This Impression
First Published
Identifying Codes
Price 12s. 6d.
Series Number No. 3
Impression No. 8
Format Hardback
Publication Location London, England
Page Count 259 pages
Language English
Chapters Preface - v

Chapter I. Introductory - 1
Chapter II. The Primitive Emotions in Relation to the Family - 6
Chapter III. The Origin of Conflict in Relation to the Family - 21
Chapter IV. The Family and the Life Task of the Individual — Freud and Jung - 31
Chapter V. The Family and the Growth of Individual Personality - 40
Chapter VI. Abnormalities and Varieties of Development — Love and Hate - 48
Chapter VII. Abnormalities and Varieties of Development — Dependence Aspects - 61
Chapter VIII. Ideas of Birth and Pre-Natal Life - 66
Chapter IX. The Psychology of Initiation and Initiation Rites - 79
Chapter X. The Development of Parent Substitutes - 88
Chapter XI. Family Influence in the Development of the Love Life - 102
Chapter XII. Family Influence in Social Development - 117
Chapter XIII. Family Influence in Religion - 133
Chapter XIV. The Attitude of Parents to Children - 156
Chapter XV. Origin and Development of the Family Tendencies — Hate Aspects - 175
Chapter XVI. Origin and Development of the Family Tendencies — Love Aspects - 184
Chapter XVII. Origin and Development of the Family Tendencies — The Repression of Love - 200
Chapter XVIII. Ethical and Practical Applications — Love and Hate Aspects 217
Chapter XIX. Ethical and Practical Applications — Dependence Aspects - 230

Index - 243
Notes Eighth Impression

Author's name rendered as "J. C. Flügel" on dust jacket and "J. C. Flugel" on title page.

Published by: The Hogarth Press Ltd and The Institute of Psycho-Analysis (London) & Clarke, Irwin, & Co. Ltd (Toronto).


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