Ian Livingstone

Trial Of Champions

2003 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Ian Livingstone
Imprint Wizard Books
Franchise Fighting Fantasy
Cover Art by Martin McKenna
Cover/Jacket Design by Nicholas Halliday
Illustrator Brian Williams
Publisher Icon Books Ltd.
First Published by Penguin Group
Other Faber and Faber Ltd*
Distributed by/Director of Distribution TBS Ltd*
Publisher Allen and Unwin Pty. Ltd.*
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Penguin Books Canada*
Printed and Bound by McPherson's Printing Group
First Published 1986
This Edition Published 2003
Copyright 1986
Identifying Codes
Series Number 12
Price UK £4.99 / Canada $9.99
ISBN 1 84046 434 8
Volume Number 2
Format Mass-Market Paperback
Publication Location Duxford, Cambridge; Crows Nest, NSW
Page Count / Font
Language English


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